The 2016 Bokeh Awards

Bokeh 2016

The Bokeh’s are our group’s photographic equivalent of the Baftas! These awards will be given to members on this group that YOU nominate!
Nominations will be publicly posted by members on a Facebook thread in the Facebook group, and you may nominate three members for each category. The five members that have the most nominations will then be entered in to a shortlist poll that members will again vote for.

There will be prizes for the winner of each category.

The voting will commence for the first category May 15th 2016, and will be open for 2 weeks until midnight on May 29th. Each category will be open for votes for two weeks.

The winners will be announced on December 16th 2016 and a small awards ceremony will take place at our Christmas meal on the 16th December 2016

The categories for the awards this year are ;

Landscape Photographer of the Year ~ Any landscape sea, or city scape

Fine Art Photographer of the Year ~ This category will include our pro members as well as the amateur photographers on our group

Afterdark Photographer of the Year ~ Firespinning, nightscapes and all things after dark

Wildlife(Animal) Photographer of the Year ~ Animal Photography including captive bred animals

Wildlife(Birds) Photographer of the Year ~ Bird photography, including captive bred birds

Street Photographer of the Year ~ Street photography, any subject matter

Macro Photographer of the Year ~ All macro photography, any subject matter

Portrait Photographer of the Year ~ For our amateur photographers, not earning more than 50% of their household income on photography. Portraits and model photography

Sports Photographer of the Year ~ All sports, including automotive & aeronautica

Model of the year ~ Any model who is a member of our group.

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